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About Us

Our company Özel Organizasyonlar ve Turizm Planlama Pazarlama A.Ş. was founded in 2006 and provides  management services
related to domestic - international meetings and events to leading companies in the sector for 10 years.

We at "Cormep" organize Dealers meetings, Launch events, Corporate communication events, Corporate events, 
Motivational trips to both local and oversees locations, Conferences using the newest and most advanced technological tools and communication channels.

Cormep - About Us

We build on our 10-year experience to ensure full customer satisfaction by;

  • Our extensive insight of our customer's needs,
  • Focusing on our client's best interests,
  • Providing guidance based on previous experiences,
  • Fully understanding and accurately communicating our customer's messages,
  • Contributing to the delivery of customer messages,
  • Respecting the corporate culture of our clients,
  • Effectively working as a team,
  • Being open to feedback from our team,
  • Contributing to team development,
  • Selecting the right suppliers and communicating effectively with them,
  • Being aware that happy employees and happy suppliers mean happy customers. 


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Yıldız Posta Cad. Akın Sit. 1.Blok K:2 D:5 Gayrettepe 34349

Istanbul / Turkey

Phone Numbers

+90 212 274 47 10

+90 212 274 41 09 fax